The BBKA has launched a new JustGiving campaign to raise £2000 to get schools skilled in beekeeping. 

The money raised will be used to give 80 Junior Schools or 40 Senior Schools the chance to join our new schools membership scheme. 

Network of schools

The aim is to develop a network of schools that can support each other and exchange ideas. This would have wide-reaching benefits and encourage more young people to either take up the skill or to gain an understanding of the importance of bees in the environment and to the diversity of food that we all enjoy.

Lesson plans & insurance included 

George Brown, BBKA’s Fundraising Manager said: “Our membership scheme also offers copies of all materials we offer to schools. Some schools may find the £25 or £50 fees difficult to find and here at the BBKA we want to offer the benefits of our amazing craft to everyone.” 

“You can find the JustGiving campaign here: Back to School Bees

“Thank you for any donation you are able to give.

“We are running this campaign throughout September when you may have children or grandchildren going back to school or starting for the first time and education may be at the forefront of your mind.

 “Here’s to the new generation of beekeepers!”


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